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Music: By various composers and lyricists. Songs included 'Beyond the Blue Horizon,' 'I'll See You in My Dreams,' and 'I'll Walk Alone.' Musical direction by Leigh Harline.

Choreography: By George Hale, Joe Schoenfeld, Carmen Amaya, and George Balanchine.

Production: Universal Pictures. Produced by Charles K. Feldman and Albert L. Rockett. Directed by Eddie (Edward A.) Sutherland. Screenplay by Lou Breslow and Gertrude Purcell. Cinematography by David Abel. Film editing by Fred R. Reitshans Jr. Art direction by John B. Goodman and Harold H. MacArthur. Scenery by Russell A. Gausman and Ira S. Webb. Costumes by Howard Greer and Vera West.

Cast: Tony West, George Raft; Gloria Vance, Vera Zorina. Numerous other stars offered a cascade of music, songs, dances, and routines, including Jeanette Macdonald, Marlene Dietrich, Dinah Shore, Donald O'Connor, W.C. Fields, Arthur Rubinstein, Sophie Tucker, the Andrews Sisters, and many more.
MOVIE NUMBER: Zorina, 8 men.
BEGUINE: Zorina, George Raft.

Note: This show-biz yarn barely had a plot. It was chiefly a patriotic parade of entertainments for U.S. servicemen. Balanchine (uncredited) choreographed Zorina's two numbers.

Video/DVD: 1994, MCA Home Video.

Released: 1944.

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