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Revue in Two Acts

Music And Book: Music by James McHugh. Raffles ballet music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Al Dubin. Sketches by Mort Lewis, Parke Levy and Alan Lipscott, S. Jay Kaufman, and Panama and Frank. Orchestrations by Hans Spialek and Don Walker. Vocal arrangements by Anthony R. Morelli.

Choreography: By George Balanchine.

Production: Produced by the Shuberts. Book directed by Edward Duryea Dowling. Staged by Fred de Cordova. Scenery and costumes by Nat Karson. Scenery built by Nolan Brothers and painted by Van Ackerman Scenic Studios; costumes executed by Veronica. Lighting by Edward Duryea Dowling.

Premiere: May 23, 1940, Broadhurst Theatre, New York. Conductor: John McManus. (Out-of-town preview: April 30, Shubert Theatre, Boston.)

Cast: Jimmy Durante, Ray Bolger, Jane Froman, Ilka Chase, and others. Dancers: Betty Bruce, Sunnie O'Dea, José Limón, Daphne Vane, Marjorie Moore, 15 Dancing Young Ladies, 8 Dancing Young Men.
THIS IS SPRING (Act I): José Limón, Daphne Vane, Marjorie Moore, The Dancing Young Ladies.
CRAZY AS A LOON (Act I): Ray Bolger, Sunnie O'Dea.
I'LL APPLAUD YOU WITH MY FEET (Act I): Betty Bruce, dancers.
THE FOUNTAIN (Act I): Bolger and others.
A LATIN TUNE, A MANHATTAN MOON, AND YOU (Act I): Bolger, Bruce, Limón, Vane, Moore, ensemble.
CLEAR OUT OF THIS WORLD (Act I): Limón, Vane, Moore, ensemble.
LOOK OUT FOR MY HEART (Act II): Bruce, Limón, The Dancing Young Ladies [as a chorus of fencers].
OLD JITTERBUG (Act II): Bolger, O'Dea, Moore, ensemble.
I'M IN THE MOOD (Act II): Bruce, Vane, Limón, Henry Dick.
RAFFLES (Act II): Music: By Vernon Duke. Cast: Bolger, Bruce, Vane, Moore, ensemble.
THIS IS WINTER (Act II): Bolger, Limón, Vane, Moore, entire company.

Note: 44 performances.

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