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Music: By Kay Swift, orchestrated by Morton Gould (1935, commissioned by Lincoln Kirstein and Edward M. M. Warburg). Book by Edward M. M. Warburg.

Choreography: By George Balanchine.

Production: Scenery by Eugene Dunkel. Costumes by John Held, Jr. Scenery constructed and painted by New York Studios; costumes executed by Helene Pons Studio.

Premiere: March 1, 1935, American Ballet, Adelphi Theater, New York. Conductor: Sandor Harmati. (First performed by the Producing Company of the School of American Ballet, December 6, 1934, Avery Memorial Theater, Hartford, Connecticut.)

Cast: 1. INTRODUCTION: The Heroine, Sylvia Giselle [Gisella Caccialanza]; The Villain, William Dollar; 6 Girls; 2. ENTRANCE OF THE HERO--SNAKE DANCE: The Hero, Charles Laskey; The Photographer, Eugene Loring; 6 Girls, 4 Boys; 3. WALTZ: Giselle, Laskey, Dollar; 4. THE KNOCK-OUT-DREAM-WEDDING AND NIGHTMARE: The Bride, Heidi Vosseler; The Groom, Laskey; 14 Girls, 5 Boys; 5. MORNING PAPERS, AND THE DUEL: The Janitor, Dollar; entire cast; 6. SALVATION RHUMBA: Nell, Kathryn Mullowny; 7. FINALE: Entire cast.

Note: Balanchine's first ballet with an American theme and American music: a fantasy satire on college life - the heroine a flapper, the hero a football halfback, the villain in a coonskin coat.

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