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Music: By Georges Auric (1932, commissioned by René Blum). Book by André Derain.

Choreography: By George Balanchine.

Production: Curtain, scenery, and costumes by André Derain. Curtain executed by André Derain; scenery executed by Prince A. Schervashidze; costumes executed by Karinska, Paris.

Cast: First Tailor, Metek [Mezeslav] Borovsky; Second Tailor, Yurek Shabelevsky; First Tailor's Wife, Tatiana Lipkovska; Second Tailor's Wife, Gala Chabelska; First Couple, Louise Lyman, Roman Jasinsky; Second Couple, Lara Obidenna, Marian Ladré; Their Daughter, Irene Stepanova; Two Friends, Valentina Blinova, Eleanora Marra; The Vagabond, Léon Woizikowsky; The Girl, Tamara Toumanova; The Girls, 10 women; Neighbors, 6 women, 5 men.

Note: The theme is fashion and human vanity. Two rival tailors, both selling fashionable apparel in an imaginary town, vie for the attention of eager shoppers. The tailors begin to quarrel, and the customers are drawn into the commotion. Citizens of the town intervene and disperse the crowd; the two tailors, finding themselves alone with their profits, are pleased and become reconciled.

Video/DVD: 1999

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