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Music: By Noël Coward and others.

Choreography: Dances and ensembles by Buddy Bradley, Billy Pierce, and George Balanchine.

Production: The whole produced under the direction of Charles B. Cochran. Staged by Frank Collins.

Premiere: March 19, 1931, London Pavilion. (Out-of-town preview: February 18, Palace Theatre, Manchester.)

Cast: Bobby Clark, Ada-May, Melville Cooper, Paul McCullough, Queenie Leonard, Edward Cooper, Effie Atherton, and others.

STEALING THROUGH (Part I, Scene 6): Music and Sketch: By Douglas Byng and Melville Gideon. Production: Scenery and costumes by Oliver Messel. Scenery executed by E. Delany; costumes executed by Reville, Ltd., Eleanor Abbey, L. & H. Nathan, Ltd. Cast: Ada-May, Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies; A Satyr, Bobby Clark.

SCARAMOUCHE: AN IMPRESSION OF THE COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE (Part I, Scene 11 [Finale]): Music: By Elsie April, from an air of Pergolesi. Lyrics by Douglas Byng. Production: Scenery and costumes by Oliver Messel. Scenery executed by Alick Johnstone; costumes executed by Eleanor Abbey and C. Alias, Ltd. Cast: Scaramouche, Bernardi; Sylvia, Kathryn Hamill; Capitano, Henry Mollison; Pierrettes, Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies, The John Tiller Girls; Zanni, 8 men; Clown, Charles Farey; Sprite, Eve; 2 Pages; Mezzetin, Edward Cooper; Coralline, Jane Welsh; Pantalone, Melville Cooper; Jacqueline, Effie Atherton; Arlochino, John Mills; Isabel, Molly Molloy; Pulcinella, Al Marshall; Trivellino, Queenie Leonard; Columbine, Ada-May; Two Sailors, Clark, Paul McCullough.

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