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359. GLINKIANA (later called GLINKAIANA)

Music: By Mikhail Glinka.

Choreography: By George Balanchine.

Production: Scenery, costumes, and lighting by Esteban Francés.

Premiere: November 23, 1967, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater. Conductor: Robert Irving.

Cast: POLKA: Violette Verdy, Paul Mejia, 3 couples; VALSE FANTAISIE: Mimi Paul, John Clifford, 4 women; JOTA ARAGONESE: Melissa Hayden, 6 women, 8 men; DIVERTIMENTO BRILLANTE: Patricia McBride, Edward Villella.

Note: The curtain was lowered after each section and the décor changed. Glinkiana was seldom performed with the full four movements. From June 1,1969, VALSE FANTAISIE was presented as a separate work; the other movements were eliminated.

Film: 1973, RM Productions (VALSE FANTAISIE); 1968, Direct Cinema Ltd., Man Who Dances: Edward Villella (DIVERTIMENTO BRILLANTE).

Video/DVD: 1980, Direct Cinema Ltd., Man Who Dances: Edward Villella (DIVERTIMENTO BRILLANTE).

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