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In the 1983 publication of Choreography by George Balanchine, 425 works were presented chronologically and numbered 1 - 425. In the years since, some 20 additional works have come to light. They have been inserted in proper chronological order in the master list and numbered with a decimal point extension, thus preserving the original numbering sequence.

Clicking on the record number accesses the main entry.

75  Swan Lake


76  Mireille

77  Les Maîtres Chanteurs (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg)

78  Venise

79  Sior Todéro Brontolon

80  Un Bal Masqué (Un Ballo in Maschera)

81  Don Juan (Don Giovanni)

82  La Fille d'Abdoubarahah

83  Aleko and Polka Grotesque

84  Apollon Musagète

85  The Gods Go A-Begging


85.1  The Romance of the Toys

85.2  The Celebrated Popoff's Porcelains

85.3  Fragment of an Etruscan Vase

86  Roméo et Juliette

87  La Gioconda

88  Rigolletto

89  La Femme Nue

90  Martha

91  Wake Up and Dream!

92  La Croisade des Dames (Die Verschworenen)

93  Le Bal

94  Le Fils Prodigue

95  Pas de Deux (Moods)

96  Les Créatures de Prométhée


97  Dark Red Roses

98  Aubade

99  Charles B. Cochran's 1930 Revue

100  [Duet and Trio]

101  Den Trekantede Hat (Le Tricorne)

102  Schéhérazade

103  Legetǿjsbutiken (La Boutique Fantasque)

104  Fyrst Igor (Prince Igor)

105  Rosendrømmen (Le Spectre de la Rose)


106  Josef-Legende (La Légende de Joseph)

107  Dances for Sir Oswald Stoll's Variety Shows

108  Charles B. Cochran's 1931 Revue

109  Orphée aux Enfers


110  Les Amours du Poète

111  Tannhaüser

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