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Updated from the 1983 Catalogue by Susan Au et al.


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Newman, Barbara. Grace under Pressure.  New York: Proscenium Publishers, Limelight Editions/London: Dance Books, 2003. Includes interviews with former Balanchine dancers Suki Schorer, Helgi Tomasson, Francia Russell, Violette Verdy, and Richard Thomas on teaching Balanchine's principles and passing on the Balanchine style.


Newman, Barbara. Striking a Balance: Dancers Talk about Dancing.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. Includes interviews with Felia Doubrovska. Serge Lifar, Lew Christensen, Tanaquil Le Clercq, Desmond Kelly, Jean Pierre Bonnefous, Peter Martins, Merrill Ashley, and others, commenting on the performance of roles in the Balanchine repertory.


Nikitina, Alice. Nikitina, by Herself.  Translated by Baroness Budberg. London: Allan Wingate, 1959. Includes descriptions of her participation in Balanchine's ballets for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes (Barabau, La Chatte, Apollon Musagète, Le Bal), the 1930 Cochran's Revue ('Luna Park'), and her own 1932 recital in Paris.


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Regner, Otto Friedrich and Schneiders, Heinz-Ludwig. Reclams Ballett-führer.  Fifth edition, completely revised. Stuttgart: Reclam, 1972. Includes descriptions of many Balanchine ballets.

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