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Updated from the 1983 Catalogue by Susan Au et al.


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Gayevsky, Vadim. Dom Petipa (The House of Petipa).  Moscow: ART [Artist, Regisseur, Teatr], 2000. The chapter 'Balanchine Way' considers what Balanchine took from Petipa and where he then departed from Petipa's philosophy and techniques. Analysis of Apollo, Serenade, and Agon.

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Hogan, Ann, ed. Balanchine Then and Now. Paris, the University of Paris, 2008. Thirteen essays and interviews by scholars, dancers, and other theatrical figures, including Robert Wilson and Richard Alston, as well as those more closely associated with Balanchine. Beautifully printed illustrations.

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International Encyclopedia of Dance.  New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. 6 vols. Includes 'George Balanchine' by Arlene Croce; 'Lincoln Kirstein' by Nancy Reynolds; 'Jerome Robbins' by Doris Hering; 'New York City Ballet' by Robert Garis and Anita Finkel; and related articles.

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