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Updated from the 1983 Catalogue by Susan Au et al.

II. Books Relating to Balanchine


Amberg, George. Ballet in America: The Emergence of an American Art.  New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1949. Includes discussions of Balanchine's work in the chapters 'The Ballet Russe III - Americanization,' 'Lincoln Kirstein I - The Foundations,' 'Lincoln Kirstein II - The Performance,' 'The Musical Comedy.'

Anawalt, Sasha. The Joffrey Ballet: Robert Joffrey and the Making of an American Dance Company. New York: Scribner, 1996. Includes discussions of Balanchine ballets danced by the company.

Anderson, Jack. The Nutcracker Ballet.  London: Bison, 1979. Includes a discussion of Balanchine's 1954 New York City Ballet production.

Anderson, Jack. The One and Only: The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Brooklyn, New York: Dance Horizons, 1981. Includes information on Balanchine's association with and choreography for the company.

Ashley, Merrill. Dancing For Balanchine. New York: Dutton, 1984. Includes account of training in the Balanchine technique.

Baburina, N. And Avvakumov, M. Russian Soviet Ballet in Posters.  Moscow: Panorama, 1991.

Balanchine 100: Centennial Exhibition. Preface by Edward Bigelow.  Executive Editor Christopher Ramsey. New York: New York City Ballet, 2004. Lavishly illustrated catalogue of an exhibition mounted at the New York State Theater in 2004. Includes 'How I Became a Dancer and Choreographer' and 'On Producing Ballets' by George Balanchine.

Balanchine 100: A Commemorative Journal.  Edited by Christopher Ramsey. Preface by Peter Martins. New York: New York City Ballet, 2004. Includes essays 'Balanchine and Tschaikovsky's Ballets' (Roland John Wiley); 'Balanchine: Stage and Screen' (Nancy Reynolds); 'European Music Festival' (Andrea Quinn); 'Balanchine and Russian Music' (Solomon Volkov); 'Balanchine and American Music' (Deborah Weisgall). With many illustrations.

The Ballet Society 1946-1947.  New York: Ballet Society, 1947. Includes general information on Ballet Society; sections on the ballets The Spellbound Child, The Four Temperaments, Renard, and Divertimento, and on the School of American Ballet.


Les Ballets 1933.  Brighton: Royal Pavilion, Art Gallery & Museums, 1987. Catalogue of an exhibition held Dec. 19, 1987 to Jan. 31, 1988.


Les Ballets 1933.  Saratoga Springs: National Museum of Dance, 1990. Catalogue of an exhibition held May 24-Dec. 7, 1990. The essays and reproductions differ from the Brighton catalogue (above).


Ballets Russes to Balanchine: Dance at the Wadsworth Atheneum.  Hartford, Conn.: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 2004. Exhibition catalogue.


Banes, Sally. Dancing Women: Female Bodies On Stage.  New York/London: Routledge, 1998. Includes a discussion of Balanchine's Agon.

Barnes, Clive. Ballet in Britain Since the War.  London: C. A. Watts, 1953. Chapter titled 'The American Visiting Companies' includes an analysis of Balanchine's work, pp. 75-77.

Barnes, Clive. Nureyev.  New York: Helene Obolensky, 1982. Includes discussions of the dancer's interpretations of various Balanchine roles, including his creation of Cléonte in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.

Baryshnikov, Mikhail. Baryshnikov at Work: Mikhail Baryshnikov Discusses His Roles. Edited and introduced by Charles Engell France. With photographs by Martha Swope. New York: Knopf, 1976. Includes a chapter on Theme and Variations.

Beaton, Cecil. Ballet.  London/New York: Wingate, 1951. Describes Balanchine's work in Europe in the early 1930s, including Cotillon, 'Luna Park' from the 1930 Cochran Revue, L'Errante, and dances for Sir Oswald Stoll's variety shows, pp. 41, 48-49, 53-55.

Beaumont, Cyril W. Complete Book of Ballets.  London: Putnam, 1937/New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 1938. Includes descriptions of The Triumph of Neptune, La Chatte, The Gods Go A-Begging, Le Fils Prodigue, and Cotillon, as well as a brief biography of Balanchine and an excerpt from an interview published in Dance Journal, August-October 1931.

Beaumont, Cyril W. Ballets of Today: Being a Second Supplement to the Complete Book of Ballets.  London: Putnam, 1954. Includes descriptions of Ballet Imperial, Orpheus, and Night Shadow.

Beaumont, Cyril W. The Diaghilev Ballet in London: A Personal Record.  Third edition. London: Adam and Charles Black, 1951. Includes descriptions of Balanchine's work for Diaghilev.

Belova, Ekaterina P., Dobrovolskaia, Galina N., Krasovskaia, Vera M., Souritz, Elizabeth IA., and Chernova, Natalia U. (eds.). Russkii balet entsiklopediia (Russian Ballet Encyclopedia). Moscow: Soglasie, 1997. An updated, revised, and augmented successor to Yuri Grigorovich's 1981 encyclopedia, it includes expanded articles on Balanchine and many of his associates.

Bentley, Toni. Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal.  New York: Random House, 1982/Vintage, 1984. An account of the 1980-81 winter season of the New York City Ballet.

Bentley, Toni. Costumes by Karinska.  New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1995. Includes discussions of the many Balanchine ballets designed by Karinska.


Billman, Larry. Film Choreographers and Dance Directors: An Illustrated Bibliographical Encyclopedia, with a History and Filmographies, 1893 through 1995.  Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., Publishers, 1997. Balanchine's work in Hollywood is discussed in the historical section; a brief biography and filmography is also included.

Brockway, Merrill, Surprise Was My Teacher: Memories and Confessions of a Television Producer/Director Who Came of Age During Television's Adolescence. Santa Fe, NM: Sunstone Press , 2010, 207 pages. Includes, among others, references to Balanchine's work on PBS Dance in America.


Buckle, Richard. Buckle at the Ballet: Selected Criticism. London: Dance Books/New York Atheneum, 1980.  Includes reviews of New York City Ballet performances.

Buckle, Richard. Diaghilev.  London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson/New York: Atheneum, 1979. Includes information on Balanchine's association with the Ballets Russes.

Buckle, Richard. In the Wake of Diaghilev.  New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1983.

Buckle, Richard, in collaboration with John Taras. George Balanchine, Ballet Master: A Biography.  New York: Random House/London: Hamish Hamilton, 1998.


Caras, Steven. Balanchine: Photo Album and Memoir.  With a Memoir by Peter Martins. New York: Rizzoli, 1985.


A Celebration of George Balanchine: The Television Work.  New York: The Museum of Broadcasting, 1984. Catalogue of an exhibition held Sept. 21-Nov. 15, 1984. Among the articles is 'Television and Ballet,' an interview of Balanchine by Bernard Taper, originally published in The Eighth Art (1962). Also includes a list of Balanchine's works for television.


Chujoy, Anatole. The New York City Ballet.  New York: Knopf, 1953.


Clarke, Mary. The Sadler's Wells Ballet: A History and an Appreciation.  London: A. and C. Black/New York: Macmillan, 1955. Includes a description and analysis of Balanchine's 1950 staging of Ballet Imperial for the company, pp. 248-50, 254.


Cluvel, Magdeleine. Glimpses of the Theatre and Dance.  Introductory letter by Michel de Ghelderode. Translated by Lily and Baird Hastings. New York: Kamin, 1953. Includes section on Balanchine.

Coe, Robert. Dance in America.  New York: Dutton, 1985. A history of the PBS television Dance in America series with complete listing of productions and casting.


Cohen, Selma Jeanne (ed.). Dance as a Theatre Art: Source Readings in Dance History from 1581 to the Present.  New York: Harper and Row, 1974. Includes reprint of the article: Balanchine, George, 'Work in Progress' [interview with Louis Botto] (1972), pp. 187-92.

Conrad, Christine. Jerome Robbins: That Broadway Man, That Ballet Man.  London: Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2000. Includes photographs and text on Robbins's work as dancer and artistic director with New York City Ballet.

Copeland, Roger and Cohen, Marshall (eds.). What is Dance? Readings in Theory and Criticism. New York: Oxford University Press, 1983. Includes reprints of the following articles: Levin, David Michael, 'Balanchine's Formalism' (1973), pp. 123-45; Denby, Edwin, 'Three Sides of Agon' (1957), pp. 446-53, and 'A Balanchine Masterpiece' (Concerto Barocco) (1945), pp. 454-55; Croce, Arlene, 'Momentous' (The Four Temperaments) (1975), pp. 459-64.

Costas (photographs and ed.). Balanchine: Celebrating a Life in Dance. Windsor, Connecticut, Tide-Mark Press, 2003. Lavish illustrations in color and black-and-white of fifty Balanchine ballets, with commentary by dance critics and by dancers who worked with Balanchine on the ballets in question. New York City Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, and Kirov Ballet are the principal companies represented. Many shots of Balanchine in rehearsal.

Crisp, Clement, and Clarke, Mary. Making a Ballet.  London: Studio Vista, 1974/New York: Macmillan, 1975. Balanchine is among the choreographers analyzed and quoted.

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